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<empty>Catherine Adams Masek’s professional experience and personal interests for the last thirty years have focused in the related fields of Historic Preservation, Paint Analysis, Decorative Arts and American History.

Prior to establishing herself as an independent consultant, she was employed 1980-1991 by the Maryland Historical Trust (State Historic Preservation Office), Annapolis, Maryland, to administer programs for preservation and restoration of over 100 historic structures, negotiate protective legal covenants (gift easements), advise on provisions of the State and Federal Tax Programs for rehabilitation, provide technical/paint advice as requested, participate in the Trustís Architectural and Easement Review Committee, and participate in the Governorís Mansion Trust as Furnishings Committee Chairman.

Previous to entering the State Historic Preservation Office, she participated in the US/ICOMOS summer restoration program at a family property of the Revolutionary War General Marquis de Lafayette in south central France; conducted research for an exhibit at the H.F. duPont Winterthur Museum, Library and Garden; received two summer internships through the National Trust for Historic Preservation (one to work in historic archaeology at Belle Grove, Middletown, VA; and one to produce a National Register nomination and brochure for Historic Knoxville, Inc., Knoxville, TN); conducted research as a museological intern at both the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation, Staunton, VA and at the Huguenot Historical Society, also known as Historic Huguenot Street, New Paltz, NY.