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<empty>Microscopic paints analysis of painted architectural surfaces, using high powered microscopes, in conjunction with ultraviolet and fiber lite optics, hand held tools, chemicals, historical sources, and color books can benefit the owner/ manager of an historic property.

For the past sixteen years, Catherine Adams Masek has provided the following for clients:

  1. identify and relatively date first and subsequent finish layers for restoration/ preservation/ documentation purposes; and
  2. aid in the identification of periods of construction / alteration; and
  3. provide insights into the personality, style, taste and socio/economic changes of residents/ occupants.

The buildings examined thus far comprise structures erected c. 1700-1940, and include
courthouses, state houses, military installations, theatres, opera houses, business/ commercial/ office structures, schools, and residential structures.

Detailed illustrated reports are produced following site visits and laboratory examination, which serve to both document the project and guide current and/ or future preservation efforts. Often such restoration efforts are phased, may involve paints research, as well as coordinating efforts at the site with other professionals.